Your Green Companion can provide you with a multitude of services to assist in planning and drawing up plans for your dream garden, or just changing some elements within your garden. We can also help with home veggie production in your garden.

Our prices are reasonable and affordable and can be tailored for your particular needs as a one off job or an ongoing service of garden maintenance. Call us today for a chat and a quote on 0400 393 577 or make an inquiry at

Plans, Consultation & Education

Your Green Companion is experienced in drawing up permaculture design plans to suit your needs and the local conditions of where you live.

This step by step process is ideal if you are making big changes, planning a new garden or even if you want to just change some areas within an existing garden; planning makes sense because the initial outlay saves money in the long run by not have to re-dig developed areas after you realise critical infrastructure needs to be installed to complete your dream garden!!


Your Green Companion can be contacted for consultation, for advice about plantings or changes you may like to do yourself.

Project fees are tailored to your needs or we can bill at an hourly rate on an hourly's up to you!

Being an education and permaculture specialist, Your Green Companion can organise a Permaculture course where you can learn the skills and knowledge to take charge with confidence!!

Subjects such as:

  • Introduction to Permaculture Design
  • Choosing and creating a garden bed
  • Wicking beds
  • Herb Spirals
  • Create a Food Forest
  • Soils & soil mixes
  • Seeds and propagation
  • Companion planting
  • Composting
  • Worm Farms (Vermiculture)

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Veggie Patch Services

Want to start your own veggie patch?

Haven't got time, or don't know where to start? Your Green Companion can help you with:

  • Veggie garden consultation
  • Vegetable selection, plantings or soil preparation
  • Organic Compost Tea Foliar Spraying to fertilise and nourish the soil and plants
  • Complete veggie garden maintenance - all you have to do is pick the vegetables!! (or we can do that for you too!)

Going away? How about watering services whilst you are away so your plants look cheerful and healthy on your return?

Raised vegetable garden options are also available.

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Garden  Construction

Your Green Companion is able to construct;

  • raised garden beds
  • compost bays
  • planter boxes to size
  • retaining walls
  • wicking boxes of different sizes
  • herb boxes as a gift

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