Summer Vegetables

Getting Ready for Summer Veg

Getting Ready for Summer Veg Its just before Spring. Daffodils and Jonquils are out, fruit tree buds are swelling, the birds are fighting for their rights to mate and the temperature has gone up a tad in the southern states of Australia. It sure feels like a change of season is almost upon us!! For […]

A New Fruit tree?

A New Fruit tree? Dig it in well, dig it in once! Have you heard the story about the young permie who was asking his grandfather advice about the best time to plant a tree? The grandfather replied, “Twenty years ago!” This advice is solid when an apple tree can fruit up to 300 years, […]

Care For Your Fruit Trees

Care For Your Fruit Trees While They Sleep! Whilst we bemoan the cold and wet days that are winter and miss the abundance of fresh summer vegetables and fruits, there is an upside to Winter….we can clean up our fruit trees! Taking off dead wood and bringing them back down to size so we can […]


Hi! I’m John, welcome to Your Green Companion. Your Green Companion is a business built on Permaculture – Sustainable gardening in accordance with nature’s laws. We follow ethics and principles built on from the 1970’s to ensure we get the best out our crops and the land we harvest from. Our main business is training […]

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