Permaculture Courses

Permaculture Courses

Learn Permaculture online or in person

Permaculture Courses
Permaculture Tools

Permaculture Tools

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Permaculture Tools
Permaculture Design

Permaculture Design

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Permaculture Design
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Your Green Companion are permaculture experts who care for people seeking sustainable solutions to grow their own food.

We provide affordable permaculture courses as well as a variety of face-to-face services to create an abundance of healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit in backyard gardens.

Permaculture topics include:

  • no-dig gardens
  • make-your-own soil mixes
  • seeds & seedlings
  • companion planting
  • food forest
  • worm farming
  • hot composting
  • wicking beds
  • permaculture garden designs

Service options to support your garden:

  • Draw up plans for accessible and effective permaculture garden design
  • Build raised garden beds and install irrigation
  • Prepare, maintain and advise on backyard vegetable gardens and fruit trees
  • Teach permaculture principles for sustainable, productive gardens
  • Run tailored weekend courses for groups of 8 or more (Victoria only)

Book online now or contact us to discuss how we can help you toward an abundant harvest!

Permaculture Training, Design & Consultation

  • Online permaculture courses
  • Class-based permaculture courses
  • Weekend bespoke permaculture course
  • Hire a permaculture teacher
  • Backyard vegetable & garden support
  • Permaculture garden design plans
  • Raised garden bed construction
  • Permaculture consultation

Online Permaculture 1: The Basics

Growing Abundant Vegetables

Learn the fundamentals of growing awesome vegetables, fruit trees and flowers using permaculture principles and techniques.

Weekend Special Permaculture Course

Intensive Permaculture Course

Bring your group together for a bespoke permaculture course run for you, in your local area, and focused on your interests.

Online Permaculture 2: Integration of Systems

Bringing Systems Together

Build on the fundamentals of Online Permaculture 1 and develop skills for integrating systems in your permaculture garden.

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